How to Get Digital Marketing Clients in 24 Hours or Less

by MAPLR Team in Client Acquisition on April 16, 2021

How to get digital marketing clients in 24 hours or less?

Digital marketing agencies and freelancers are constantly looking for methods that can help them get more clients. The tactics you should use to get more clients are a mix of customer development and marketing. On each of these tactics, your aim must be to get new customers. Also, you would like to get linked to the people they are with and understand where their interest falls. The information you get from knowing clients deeper will help you increase your ROI.

Discussed below are the tactics one can use to get more digital marketing clients in a day or less;

Engage with your Audience

This is an effective method of building a relationship with your potential clients. What you do is contact your current customers and discuss with them some specific questions regarding your product and market. If the product you are selling is of a specific niche, chances are that you know several people who are also in that specific niche. What you can do is run through your existing Linkedln contacts and find people who are in your industry. You can send them a message via email. You will be surprised by the kind of help they will offer you.

One major reason that causes business failure is business founders failing to talk to their customers. These are arrogant individuals who believe that they know everything about their target market thinking that their product is in high demand in the market. Being humble is a common virtue among the most successful markets. They go the extra mile and look through the hypothesis again even though they are sure they are right.

In addition to that, make sure that you ask the people you are interacting with to introduce you to other people in their network who may be interested in what you are offering. This strategy will enable you to get more clients within 24 hours or less.

Conduct market research on Twitter

One of the best ways to reach out to potential customers who may be experiencing the pain you want to solve is by searching for complaints posted online. Twitter is a giant social platform that will help you do this quite easily.

You can search for a rival product and search for a negative statement about it on Twitter. You will be able to see comments of people who are complaining about the product. What you can do is reach out to those users directly. You can try asking them to chat more about why they think the product they are complaining about is bad. This helps you in figuring out the things you can do to make your product better.

You can also try using other online platforms as well. You will be able to get a better glimpse of the problems your product will have solutions and the features they need to have. You will have a better understanding of the terminologies being used in your market to describe a particular problem. It will enable you to write some perfect high-converting sales copies.

Once you get in touch with potential customers, be sure to confirm whether it will be okay for you to keep in touch with them and be sending updates now and then on your future product. Having done that, you can proceed to do your market research and build an email list of potential bets customers

Use Quora Research to get more information

You should be aware that Quora is an incredible development tool for customers that is reliable. Quora allows you to post a question on any topic and get instant answers. Quora can help you get quite a huge number of answers from people who are in your target group on issues related to the product you are selling.

If you get an answer that is insightful to a relevant question in your industry, you can send the user a direct message and ask them if you can make a call. In due course of conversing with a person, you will uncover more intel regarding their problems and immediately add them to your beta list. This is a strategy that can help you get additional digital marketing clients within a very short time.

You can also adopt a Customer Development Tool

Tools like SurveyMonkey and Qualaroo will enable you to have a better understanding of your audience. To add to that, these tools can also help you get more customers. Once you get to know what your ideal customer profile looks like, what remains is generating more leads. You can do this by creating a survey that qualifies your ambitions and prospects.

To make this process work effectively, you only require one leading question that qualifies your prospects. It could be a simple yes or no question. If someone answers the questions, proceed and ask them for details such as their names, address, company name and treat them like a lead. The incredible thing about these tools is that you will only have to set them up once. From then on, you will enjoy a steady stream of qualified leads coming directly from your site. This strategy is a sure way of getting additional digital marketing clients quickly.

Use your Email List to Launch

One method that can guarantee you sales after the launch of a product is the email list launching. One should be aware that there are several ways you can build an email list directly from scratch. A good example is that, if you fail to reach out to people one-on-one through social platforms like Twitter and Quora to carry out your customer development activities, you can add them to your e-mail list. Using this method will bring you more digital marketing clients within a short period.

Pay for a spot on Betalist

You must be aware of sites like Reddit or Product Hunt that feature posts or products that get lots of upvotes from the community. There are other sites like the Betalsit that have an option of allowing you to pay to be featured in front of a large technology audience. This site will be ideal for a consumer product audience. However, if your product resonates with the community, you may end up receiving over a thousand signups within a few hours. One thing for sure is that this is a straightforward way of getting additional digital marketing clients quickly.

Start Guest Posting

This is another method of getting in touch with audiences of other people to be able to make them your very own. It is a strategy that has been tried by many businesses and worked excellently. There are a few key points one needs to keep in mind to make guest posting successful. They include;

•    Posting on the right sites. When you are guest posting, you must look for a website that that has most of your target audience. This will help you get more digital marketing clients within a short period.

•    Measure your metrics. Do not focus your concentration on things like page views, shares, and likes. Focus on signups and not the traffic your post is generating. You must understand that the real ROI of content is determined by the number of paying clients it brings to buy a product over time.

Guest posts do more than just generating leads and traffic. They help build relationships that turn into opportunities. This method will make it possible for you to gain more digital marketing clients quickly.  

Focus on SEO

Search engine traffic can also be an effective and reliable source of getting paying customers. The main problem for many industries nowadays is that it’s becoming more difficult to rank high for competitive search terms due to the continuous growing competition. For instance, if you are targeting entrepreneurs or marketers, you will be facing tough competition in the search terms of your niche.

The only way you can have a chance of generating traffic and leads through engines is by focusing on long-tail keywords. If you can publish long-tail and high-quality content, you will get a huge following within a short time.

One particular method of doing this is by asking questions of a specific niche that has the most views on platforms such as Quora. If for instance, you are bringing a product in a marketing niche, you should begin by visiting the Quora platform and tying the name “marketing” in the search icon. Proceed by clicking the topic “Marketing” and choose the tab named “topic FAQ”.

Under that section, you will get a list of some of the most commonly viewed answers on that specific topic. This will give you some great insights into what potential customers are looking for. Using Long-tail keywords will help you generate leads and gain more clients within a short time.

Try sending a Cold Email

This is one of the most direct methods of getting more digital marketing clients within a short period. Finding the email addresses of prospective customers is quite easy. You can also be able to reach a large number of people within a short time. If you can compose some enticing emails, you will get traffic almost instantly. This will help you gain more clients ad increase your sales.

Run Paid Advertisement

This is another method of generating leads and bringing more digital marketing clients your way. If you choose this method, ensure that you’ve got a landing page that is receiving high traffic to help you drive all your prospects. Listed below are the key elements of a high-converting landing page;

•    Include social sharing elements

•    Include trust elements like testimonials and social proofs

•    Add a strong call to action

•    Ask the people who are visiting your page for their names and emails

•    Include a core benefit statement

•    Include a video or image showing the context of the use

•    Include a unique value proposition in a concise headline

If you can implement the above-discussed tips, you will end up getting more leads that will help you get more digital marketing clients. You can run paid ads on various channels. The most common ones are;

•    Facebook advertising. The greatest advantage of advertising on Facebook is that you can get as specific as possible with the kind of advert you post. You can get your targets by location, interests, behaviors, etc. Facebook can help you increase the awareness of your product thus generate a lot of leads.

•    Google AdWords. Google AdWords allows you to target prospective buyers when they are in the critical “decision” stage. In case you are selling content marketing services, you may need to run targeted ads of particular niches.

If you implement these tactics, you will get increased traffic and additional clients within a short period.

Use LinkedIn to reach prospective clients

This is another method that one can use to get digital marketing clients in a short time. LinkedIn messages are similar to cold emails. However, Linkedln messages can help you yield a bigger conversion rate for your business. LinkedIn messages add a human touch. This is because prospective buyers can view your profile and you too can view theirs.

There are two ways you can get in touch with people on Linkedln;

•    Sponsored Inmails: These are a little different from regular Inmails. Their unique feature is that they allow you to send out your messages to thousands of clients at a go. Regular Inmails however can only be targeted one by one.

•    Linkedln Inmails: Inmails are direct and private messages one can send anyone on Linkedln even if you are not connected to them. LinkedIn offers you a given amount of this privilege every month. These Inmails are different from regular messages that you send to your connections on Linkedln. You can use Inmails to pitch potential customers who are not currently in your network.

If you are looking for ways to get digital marketing clients within a short time, go ahead and implement the strategies discussed above. You will get instant results and make more sales. Go ahead and try them out.  


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